Experienced in helping people like brands. new to Los Angeles.

I am a collaborative leader with demonstrated ability to build audiences for brands by turning thoughts into things that help people get what they want.  I believe most often what people want is a reward for their time and attention, a solution to an issue and to feel connected. In other words, something fun. 

What's fun?

In my experience, with creatives and clients alike, fun to produce is fun to watch and fun takes many forms. 

Initials like BBDO, JWT, Y&R and names like Ogilvy and Leo Burnett.

In 2014 I helped re-boot an Atlanta-based agency with an idea for a new structure and offering which turned into an exciting assignment from a Fortune50 American insurance giant. A year later, my wife and I packed up the family as she took on a new role with Google in LA. Now, after transitioning from coast-to-coast, I am 100% PST. 

My experience as a creative leader includes roles with the world’s best known agencies including BBDO, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett (Warsaw, Poland), JWT, and Y&R as well as Joey Reiman’s Bright House and other notable Atlanta grown shops. You can find my most recent Atlanta-based agency work at www.denmarktheagency.com

I’ve written and led campaigns for brands that truly define people’s lives, including transformational experiences such as planning wisely for retirement, surviving breast cancer and becoming a United States Marine. My work has earned recognition including EFFIE, Communication Arts, IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and regional and national advertising and marketing conferences and competitions. MediaWeek magazine even called a new product introduction effort of mine The Media Idea of the Year.

I've been called strategic. With that, I've been able to add original elements to existing campaigns, guide clients to experiment in new media and help agencies take on fresh approaches to forming better customer connections with brands and their communities.


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